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Become a member of Mu Eta Sigma

"Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc; uplifting our Legacy of Sisterhood, Leadership and Service"

Experiencing being a member of SGRHO Sorority, Inc is nothing short of amazing.

Membership will provide the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most talented, dedicated, versatile and hardworking women you will ever meet in your life.

Networking opportunities within our organization will provide you the opportunity to grow as a leader and a professional.

Come Home, We need You!

 We are absolutely ecstatic that you have considered reinstating your membership and reconnecting with our inner circle of sisters. Your active support, through reinstatement, is at the forefront of creating sustainable, positive change for families, communities, our nation and the world.  

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Transfer Closer to Home-CENLA

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Military Sorors

Active Duty | Retired | Reserve Member

 In appreciation for your service to the United States Military, we are now offering a membership benefit and incentive for your sacrifice to our great nation. This is a small token of our appreciation for all you do! We understand the demands that serving in the US military brings, especially with the possibility of frequently moving. Therefore, as an active duty military soror, you are exempt from joining a chapter and the surcharge for General Membership is waived. 

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Membership Renewal

 Were you financial during the last sorority year? This is your option! The Membership Renewal includes the National Head-tax and Insurance.Regional assessments, local assessments, and late fees not included. 


 $150 Annually 


 $70 Annually 

Active Duty | Retired | Reserve Member

Member Discount applies to Undergraduate and Alumnae Sorors in all branches of the military.


Undergraduate to Alumnae

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